How to find a real good real estate agent?

There are so many real estate agents, and chances are you will encounter more bad ones than good ones. That’s why we would like to give you a couple of key information on what to look for, if you want to find the best real estate agent for you who will ensure a fast house sale for you.

Check out his/her listings online

Of course not all the listings come with a name or a face, but check out all what you can, to see the style and the words, the descriptions what the real estate agent is using. Too many sophisticated words are generally used to hide something unpleasant.

Check out the photos he/she is using

If you see any real estate agent dealing with listings with bad, blurry quality photos, just let it go and walk away. Those who can place listings with bad quality photos are not professionals.

Those, who cannot tell the owners to stay out of the way

If you are at a showing and literally both the real estate agents and the owner follow you like shadow, you can clearly tell you are not dealing with a professional. A good real estate agent knows how privacy is important, especially when it comes to looking around a property and would also tell the owner to stay out of the way too.

Who is poorly informed

If you are in an apartment and the real estate agent is clearly not prepared about the extras, amenities and is unable to answer many of your questions, it means he/she is not prepared. Having too much work is not a good excuse. Those who are real dedicated will surely know most you need to know about any of the property they offer.

Who is unfamiliar with the area

Always call someone who either works or otherwise knows a lot about the area, because this way he/she will be aware of all the specialities and characteristics of the region, the types of people who want to move there and this way can help you connect your property with the proper key audience.

Hidden agenda - Wanting to persuade you doing things which make no sense

If a real estate agent wants to persuade you do anything, all too much, it’s for a hidden reason. If he/she really wants you to sell your property under the price for someone, then it might be for an extra commission. Wanting you to do expensive renovations when you made it clear you have no money for it is also sign of a hidden agenda. There are many real estate agents who get extra money from those who specifically want to invest into cheap properties, to sell them more expensive.

Looks unmotivated and undedicated

Both are must-have qualities of a real good real estate agent. If your agent feels not helpful at all, then look for another one instead.

Who acts as your boss

Never forget that it’s you who has the property and that you do whatever you want. You don’t have to oblige to a real estate agent or anyone for that matter, if you don’t want to.