These things you should never do at an Open House

While not every countries real estate agencies offer to show properties at Open House but rather show them individually, Open House is a very good idea, for you and your real estate agent to get a good idea of how many people are interested in a property and also about the average price range they would be willing to pay. The below mistakes you should avoid doing include any showing of your property for potential buyers.

Everything should be neatly packed away

Never invite potential clients to see your property, if it’s not packed, cleaned, decluttered and organized. Doing that would drastically lower the chances of ever selling your property (mind you, many who do that would subconsciously not want to sell their property). The best case scenario for selling a property is, when you already have somewhere else to live. This way, it’s already decluttered, cleaned and it’s much easier to keep it clean and tidy with way less furniture.

Pack personal objects away

Highly personal objects, such as objects which signify the owner’s religion, race, nationality, favourite teams or any family photos should be neatly packed away. Their mere sight might be disturbing to potential clients can be very off-putting, especially in the case of religious symbols. Personal objects around remind people that the home they are seeing is not theirs and they won’t be able to imagine the home as theirs either.

No babies, kids around

Many moms tend to think, that everyone loves kids and babies. But it’s far from reality. Having babies, toddlers, kids running around, leaving their toys here and there or simply crying, screaming or howling is greatly distracting buyers. Therefore, make sure that your kids stay with relatives or under proper care until the showing or Open House has ended.

No pets around

Pets do largely have the same effect, in addition, many people may in fact dislike cats, dogs, hamsters or any other animals kept inside. Therefore, look for an option to keep your pets out of the way as much as possible during the time of a showing.

Leave it to the real-estate agent

It’s a big mistake for the owner to be actually physically there during showings. Many owners tend to follow clients like a shadow, that’s overly disturbing, off-putting if not stressful. It’s like going to an empty shop where the assistants are watching you like snakes and sort of urging you to buy. Also, owners are emotionally invested and would have personal reactions to any criticism. Leave it to the real estate agent and if possible don’t even be around when the showing happens.

Not leaving space for clients to try to absorb the property’s atmosphere by themselves

People following in your footsteps (literally) are always highly disturbing. If you have such a tendency, your property will likely not be bought in the near future. You must leave clients wondering about and not always be there with them, so that they can at least try to imagine the property as theirs.