5 simple steps to raise the value of your property

There are many things you can do to raise the value of your property. This time around we will give you a couple of tips coming straight from the professionals, in order to make your home more attractive for buyers.

Define each space

Buyers want to see defined spaces. Here is the dining room, that’s the home office, a kitchen, living room, master bedroom and so on. You cannot just say to a place that it’s used for this or that and a dozens of other things. Also, each space would nee to be furnished for that particular task it’s deemed to have, even when it’s only for the showing.


Being a key selling feature, open concept kitchen is the magical word which most buyers look for. Of course, back in the day, kitchen used to be strictly separated from the dining and living room areas and there are many houses, which still cope with this, while expectations have changed. If there is a possibility to open up the kitchen area, for it to be part of the living room or the dining room area, especially when the kitchen is too small in itself to have its own seating area. Of course not all of us have the money to be able to do this but what’s most important is, to have the kitchen as updated with a 100% economical usage of space, as possible.

Living room

There are 3 important features in a good living room: have enough space, have a very attractive focal point and have a good flow. Everyone wants a large living room which is spacious enough to accommodate the whole family. Sometimes, even a different way of furnishing it would make drastic changes to it. Lightness is another great feature living rooms should have. Sometimes, cleaning the windows and replacing the curtains into white ones would instantly make the whole space lighter and airier. As for the good flow, it means, it should be an area where you can easily get to and get around without effort. Focal point means the key area, which you would instantly look at when you step in. The most popular focal points are the fireplaces. In lack of a fireplace, get a fish tank, a lovely painting or picture with a statement piece of furniture, which can serve as an attractive focal point, if you have no fireplace.

Home office space

If there is a feature many people look for these days it’s definitely a home office area. The reason for it is simple. A large number of people tend to work from home and they need a separate space where they can do so.


Inbuilt storage space is a definite plus, especially if it doesn’t feel, that it takes away useful space from the home. This is not that easy to do, but new techniques have made it possible to create hidden storage spaces in areas which are otherwise not used. Large, ugly closets which take away space, should definitely go.